Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Who Are Those Gals? - Lucy Bomez

Lucia Bomez was an Italian actress whose career was only seven years long from 1963 till 1970. During this time she appeared in 10 films usually billed as Lucy Bomez. She appeared in four European westerns and one “I fantasi di Omah-ri” in 1971 that was never released. She also appeared in several fotoromanzi magazines.
Little has been written about the attractive actress and there are no biographies that I can find on line. Whatever became of her is unknown and she, like many other, character actors and actresses of the era remains unknown.
BOMEZ, Lucy (aka Luice Bomez, Lucye Bomez) (Lucia Bomez) [Italian]
The Return of Clay Stone – 1964 (Marilyn)
El Cisco - 1966 (Chiquita)
Ringo, It’s Massacre Time – 1966 (Pilar)
The Stranger’s Gundown – 1969 (whore)
I fantasi di Omah-ri – 1971 [film was never released]

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