Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy 80th Birthday Russ Tamblyn

Russell Irving Tamblyn was born on December 30, 1934 in Los Angeles, California. Tamblyn is the son of actors Sally Aileen (Triplett) [1914-1995] and Eddie Tamblyn (Edward Francis Tamblyn) [1908-1957]. He is the older brother of Larry Tamblyn [1943- ], organist for the 1960s band ‘The Standells’. Discovered at the age of ten by actor Lloyd Bridges after acting in a play, Tamblyn's first film appearance was a small non-speaking role in 1948's “The Boy With Green Hair”. He also appeared on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ as a child.
A film, TV actor and dancer, he is arguably best known for his performance in title role of the 1958 film “Tom Thumb” and the 1961 movie musical “West Side Story” as Riff, the leader of the Jets gang. He is also known for appearing in such films as “Seven Brides For Seven Brothers”, “The War of the Gargantuas”, “Peyton Place” and “The Haunting”, as well as for his portrayal of Dr. Lawrence Jacoby in the television drama “Twin Peaks”. He was most recently seen in a cameo role along with his daughter Amber Tamblyn [1983- ] in “Django Unchained” (2012).
Russ starred in the Euro-western “Son of a Gunfighter” (1965) as Johnny Ketchum.
Today we celebrate Russ Tamblyn’s 80th birthday.

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