Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Zanna Bianca nel West – Italian title
Zanna Bianca e il grande kid – Italian title
White Fang and the Kid – English title
A 1977 Italian production [International Film Constellation (Rome)]
Producer: Irene Quaglia Gobbini
Director: Vito Bruschini
Story: Vito Bruschini
Screenplay: Vito Bruschini, Pelio Quaglia
Cinematography: Federico Del Zoppo [color, Panavision]
Music: Natili Polizzi
Song: “Evviva Zanna Bianza” sung by La famiglia dello Zio Charlie
Running time: 92 minutes
Franky James – Tony Kendall (Luciano Stella)
Kid – Fabrizio Marani
Mr. Morgan – Charles Pendenlton (Charles Pendleton)
Buck – Buck
With: Giacomo Assandri, Inga Alexandrova, Enzo Bruni (Lorenzo Bruni), Paolo Celli, Clara Colosimo (Alessandra Panaro), Gianni Diana, Dario Ghirardi, Lea Lander (Lea Krüger), Sandro Ghiani (Alessandro Ghiani), Ada Pometti (Nunzia Pometti), Vincenzo Sarzana, Enrico Turella, Leo Valeriano (Leo Di Gianantonio), Angie Vibeker, Pietro Zardini (Clementino Zardini), Ruggero Chessa, Vittorio Gigli, Andrea Gnecco

It’s Gallantin, Missouri, in 1910 where the town is dominated by Mr. Morgan, with the excuse of maintaining order and threatened by his henchmen he claims the title of sheriff and large bribes in cash. In the same village, perpetually drunk, lives Franky James, brother of Jesse James: The former gunslinger, when he is in bad need of a bottle of whiskey bad, he tells his tale of his life in the bandit businesses performed with his brother. Kid, a child always accompanied by his beautiful and intelligent dog White Fang, an admirer of James, one day decideds to "redeem" Franky and choses him as his uncle. The population, conscious of the rebirth of Franky, gives him the office of sheriff and, inevitably, Morgan begins his war against the trio made up of the new sheriff, the lively boy and White Fang. Several adventures and bloodless struggles force the bandits to stop their enterprise and Franky, along with Kid, leaves Gallantin with the intention of going to find a nursing home for retired outlaws.

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