Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wild Dan

Brokeback Fountain – English title
Wild Dan – English title
A 2011 British production [Ela Films (London)]
Producers: Yi-Ling Huang, Nadia Rahman Khan, Marcos Kubota, Ling Ling, John Thorpe
Director: Evdoxia Kyropoulou
Story: Tomas Fuller
Screenplay: Tomas Fuller
Cinematography: Ling Ling [color]
Music: David Mark O'Malley
Running time: 10 minutes
Sheriff Paul – Dominic Graville
Dan McGrew – Ronan le Fur
Sally Hetty – Octavia Mackenzie
With: Dimitris Politis
A mysterious stranger wanders out of the wilderness and into a wild west town. His name is Dan McGrew, a lonesome cowboy who drifts from town to town, bringing hope to the hopeless and law to the lawless. Before long he meets Sally, a beautiful saloon girl who might finally give him a reason to settle down if it weren't for the tyrannical Sheriff Paul. As the dusty streets disappear before his eyes, Dan faces his biggest challenge yet.

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