Saturday, December 20, 2014

Remembering Renzo Palmer

Renzo Palmer was born Lorenzo Bigatti on December 20, 1929 in Milan, Lombardy, Italy. The adopted son of actress of prose Kiki Palmer, Renzo debuted on radio in 1955 after being spotted in an audition for singers, and worked for two years in the Society of Prose for Radio Rome.
In 1957 he made his debut in the theater at the Piccolo in Milan in the play “The Pallinisti”, followed shortly by “L'anfitrione” and “La locandiera”.
However, it was on TV that was the medium that best suited the talents of this actor: “L'avaro di Molière” (1958) marked the beginning of a long series of successes and assured him later popularity and professional satisfaction.
For some years he starred in RAI’sOggi le comiche’, program which aired at lunchtime on Saturday, which made ​​him popular among the young viewera. He never gave up, however, the medium that had seen his artistic beginnings, taking part over the years in numerous radio programs, especially variety: ‘La trottola’ (1964), ‘Passaporto per Eva’ (1964), ‘Il... senzatitolo’ (1967), ‘Questo sì, questo no’ (1970), ‘Indianapolis’ (1971), ‘Le ballate dell'italiano’ (1972) "rivistina della domenica" ‘Il ghiro e la civetta’ (1974).
A versatile actor, rich in ironic insights and with a voice when necessary of modulated tones more good-natured and fun, Palmer was on several occasions also a radio host: among other things, in 1970 and in 1972 was the of You and I, the popular morning program of the National Italian Program, in 1978 he replaced Arnoldo Foa to run the radio quiz ‘Il gambero’, while in 1984  he showed up, along with Patrizia Land on. ‘From A to Z’, the "Dictionary of situations and feelings" of Ermanno Anfossi. As a voice actor has loaned his voice to Anthony Quinn.
During his career he often appeared in films as a supporting actor. He acted in seven Euro-westerns from “A Dollar of Fear” in 1960 as the character Smile to 1974’s “Red Coat” as a RCMP Sergeant. He was the Italian voice of Al Mulock in “Day of Anger” (1967).
Palmer died in Milan on June 3 1988 due to cancer.
Today we remember Renzo Palmer on what would have been his 85th birthday.

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