Friday, December 19, 2014

RIP Giorgio Ardisson

Italian actor Giorgio (George) Ardisson has died at his home in Cerveteri, Italy. He was 83.
The actor Giorgio Ardisson had chosen to live in Cerveteri, known for numerous films and for being in the cinema "Zorro the Fox". The debut film of the blond actor, athletic and good looking thanks to Mauro Bolognini, who chose him for a secondary but important role in “Arrangiatevi!”  (You're on Your Own). His athletic prowess and his boldness to make his characters real made him ideal for adventure films and so called peplum-movies, for Spaghetti westerns and, especially, for the cult police/crime films exploiting the reckless adventures of secret agents like James Bond / 007, much in vogue in the early 1960s. George Ardisson, was born in Rocca, Canavese, Turin, Italy on December 13, 1931 and died at his home in Cerveteri on December 11, 2014.
Ardisson had starred in six Euro-westerns:  "Massacre at Grande Canyon" 1963 (Tully/Rudy Dancer),
"God May Forgive You, Not Me" (1968) (Cjamango McDonald), "A Man Called Amen" (1968) (Amen/Johnny), "Zorro the Fox" (1968) (Riccardo de Villaria/Don Diego/Zorro), Chapaqua’s Gold (1970) (Jack ‘Doc’ Harrison) and "Django Defies Sartana" (1970) (Sartana).

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  1. I have seen him in "Django Defies Sartana" and he was essential.