Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Zanna Bianca – Italian title
Colmillo Blanco – Spanish title
Croc-blanc – French title
Caninos Brancos – Brazilian title
Croc Blanc, o Cão Lobo – Finnish title
Valkoiset torahampaat – Finnish title
Susikoira – Finnish title
Jack London: Wolfsblut – German title
Wolfsblut – German title
O aspros lykos – Greek title
Fehér Agyar – Hungarian title
Croc Blanc, o Cão Lobo – Portuguese title
Varghunden – Swedish title
Kurt Soyu – Turkish title
Izazov belle sape - ? title
White Fang – English title
A 1973 Italian, Spanish, French co-production [Oceana (Rome), Incine (Madrid), Fox Europa
Producers: Harry Alan Towers, Ermano Donati, Giulio Sbarigia
Director: Lucio Fulci
Story: “White Fang” by Jack London (John Chaney)
Screenplay: Guy Elmes, Roberto Gianviti, Thom Keyes (Thomas Keyes), Piero Regnoli, Guillaume Roux
Dialogue:  Peter Wellbeck (Harry Alan Towers) [English]
Cinematography: Erico Menczer (Eric Menczer), Pablo Ripoll [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Carlo Rustichelli
Song: “Oh Johnny” sung by Carole André (Carol Smith)
Running time: 105 minutes
Jason Scott – Franco Nero (Franco Sparanero)
Sister Evangelina – Virna Lisi (Virna Lisi)
Father Oatley – Fernando Rey (Fernando Arambillet)
Charles ‘Beauty’ Smith – John Steiner
Mitsah – Missaele
Charlie – Daniel Martin (José Martínez)
Kurt Johnson/Curt Johnson – Raimund Harmstorf
Chester – Daniele Dublino
Krista Oatley – Carole André (Carole Smith)
Jim Hall – Rik Battaglia (Caterina Bertaglia)
Mounties – John Bartha (Janos Barta), Renzo Pevarello, Maurice Poli
Daisy – Carla Mancini
Bandit – Luigi Antonio Guerra
Pianist – Mirko Baiocchi
Saloon patrons – Osiride Pevarello, Massimo Ciprari, Romano Targa, Tony Casale (Antonio Casale), Quinto Marziali, Maurizio Streccioni
Set in 1896 in the Klondike region of Yukon, Canada it follows the adventures of a wolf dog named White Fang, who helps a young Indian boy, Mitsah, as well as a reporter Jason Scott, who arrive in the small gold town of Dawson City. The town is run by a ruthless and greedy businessman named Beauty Smith and his gang of equally ruthless henchmen who control the town with fear who profit from the local prospectors. Scott with the help of a fur trapper, a nun, Mitsah and most of all White Fang cleans up the town of corruption and greed.

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