Tuesday, November 4, 2014

When Death Came

Cuando llegó la muerte - Spanish
When Death Came - English title
A 2008 Spanish production
Producer: Antonio de la Llera
Director: Antonio de la Llera
Story: Antonio de la Llera
Screenplay: Antonio de la Llera
Cinematography: Edu López (Eduardo López)  [color]
Music: Adolfo Marqués
Whistling Curro Savoy
Running time: 29 minutes
Stranger - Antonio de la Llera
Juan García – David del Pino (David Alvarez)
María García – Nuhr Jojo
Jackal – Said el Mouden
With:  Alfredo Ruiz Frechilla, Pepa Fernández, Norberto Moran, Pepe Coto, Pura Rubio

John and Maria Garcia are peaceful Andalusian farmers making a living in the American Wild West. The couple are being bullied by three gunmen for hire. The appearance of a mysterious Stranger saves their lives. He will discover that there is a gang that has spread terror throughout the region and behind this band of criminals is the most powerful woman in the county, Senora McAlister, who longs to complete the work of her late husband, to seize all the county farms and ranches. When Mary is kidnapped the Stranger and a federal agent who has infiltrated the gang join forces to stop McAlister. On the other hand the mysterious past of the Stranger is linked to the leader of the band of outlaws, a bloodthirsty Mexican, who caused the death of his wife a few years before called Jackal. Finally there will be time for revenge.

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