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Zanna Bianca e il cacciatore solitario – Italian title
Croc-blanc el le chasseur solitaire – French title
Von Wölfen gehetzt – das wilde abenteuer – German title
Von Wölfen gehetzt – German title
Wolfsblut - Der einsame Jäger – German title
Sta dontia tou lykou – Greek title
Fehér agyar és a magányos vadász – Hungarian title
Bialy Kiel i mysliwy – Polish title
El cazador solitario de la Predera Nevada – Spanish title
Lone Hunter of the Wild North – U.K. title
White Fang and the Hunter – English title
A 1975 Italian production [Pleida Film (Rome)]
Producer: Giuseppe Maggi
Director: Alfonso Brescia
Story: “White Fang” by Jack London (John Chaney)
Screenplay: Giulio Berruti, Giuseppe Maggi, Alfonso Brescia
Cinematography: Silvio Fraschetti [Eastmancolor, CinemaScope]
Music: Alessandro Alessandroni
Running time: 93 minutes
Sandy Shaw/Daniel – Robert Wood (Robert Woods)
Dollar – Pedro Sanchez (Ignazio Spala)
Connie/Helen Britt/Burton – Malisa Longo (Maria Longo)
Thomas Ferguson – Claudio Undari
Johnny – Massimo De Cecco
Trent/Slider – Franco Lantieri
Luna/Rising Moon – Linda Sini (Ermelinda Siniscalchi)
Wedding guest – Bruno Arié
Brawlers – Omero Capanna, Gilberto Galimberti, Renzo Pevarello
White Fang – Habbash
RCMP Captain – Andrea Fantasia
With: Amedeo Timpani, Giovanni Ukmar, Jean-Pierre Clarain, Guido Mariotti, Artemio Antonini, Calogero Caruana 
Daniel and Dollar, two hunters who meet and become friends by chance, come loaded with valuable furs to a city where Ferguson is the master of everything and, with his gang of henchmen tends to impose rates of usury on everyone. Determined not to sell below the going price, the two friends and the magnificent dog wolf White Fang, take refuge temporarily at the farm of the young widow Helen Burton. They are thus able to take her side along with her son Johnny, who is haunted by the same Ferguson. He wants to buy their land and farm where according to the plans of the tyrant, the railway will pass. Daniel recovers documents of the murdered Burton, proving the misdeeds of Ferguson and brings them to the RCMP. Now with Ferguson arrested, Daniel marries Hellen, Dollar joins with the Indian woman Moon Rising; and the new railway is built in peace and justice.

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