Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Where the Indian Lies

La ou L’indien dort – French title
Where the Indian Lies – English title
A 2007 French production [Samourais Films (Paris)]
Producer: Cedric Apikian, Laurent Miller, Romain Ugarte
Director: Cedric Apikian
Story: Cedric Apikian
Screenplay: Cedric Apikian
Cinematography: Matthieu Straub (HCAM color)
Music: Peter Kater, Lévon Minassian
Running time: 30 minutes
Eugene ‘Lafayette’ Grandier - Sacha Bourdo
Corporal Stern – Robert William Bradford
Jessica – Dolores Chaplin
Kovalsky – Arnaud Vervialle
Lieutenant Steve Stanton - Mikaël Chiche
Lieutenant Bill Nolan – Simon Boyle
Lieutenant Roy – Christopher J. King (Christopher James King)
Jessica’s father - Vernon Dobtcheff
Young Jessica - Emma-Louise Marsal
Major Jackson – Chris Miller
Young Steve - Aurelien Matthieu
Eewest – Mubarak Nguyen
Confederate Cavalry Sergeant – Richard Jean
Confederate snipers – Stephane Alzier & Rikyan
With: Daniel Salles, Stephen ‘Bull’ Anger, Francis Pollard, Samuel Pollard, Stephane

During the Civil War and returning from a mission, a Yankee platoon led by Lieutenant Stanton gets stuck in the woods behind enemy lines. The Confederates are closing in on them. Their only hope is to reach the railroad. The men become tense when they realize that sprawling in front of them, is a field infested with snipers. For Stanton, the issue is beyond life and death; despite his blue uniform, his past is linked to that field. That field belongs to his teenage love Jessica’s father. He suddenly remembers the legend of the sleeping Indian that Jessica's father used to tell them. A soldier begins running The snipers are good. Stanton storms out of the woods, into the field, into his past, and into Jessica's firing range.

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