Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy 70th Birthday Máximo Valverde

Máximo Valverde was born on November 16, 1944 in Sevilla, Spain. In his youth he tried his luck in the world of bullfighting without great results. However, in 1980 he debuted as an apprentice in the Plaza de Algeciras, and continues sporadically for a few years.
His debut before the cameras produced a starring role in the film “Fortunata and Jacinta” (1970). Thus began a career that reached a certain notoriety in the 1970s. Among his films were “Una chica casi decente” (1971), by Germán Lorente; “Hay que educar a papa” (1971), by Pedro Lazaga; “Españolas en París” (1971), by Roberto Bodegas; “Las Ibéricas F.C.” (1971), by Pedro Masó; “Fin de semana al desnudo” (1974), by Mariano Ozores, “Clara es el precio” (1974), by Vicente Aranda, “El secreto inconfesable de un chico bien” (1976) and” Cuando Conchita se escapa no hay toccata” (1976), by Luis María Delgado. His only Euro-western was “Trinity Sees Red” as Ramon in 1970.
His film presence, began to decline in the 1980s, as tastes began to change by the the film audiences.
Since then his career has been uneven, with some appearances in theater. So in 1984 he joined the star Tania Doris as gallant in Magazine A Kingdom for Tania. In 2009 he returns to the stage to star in the play Loli.
In recent years he has also made ​​some inroads in television series such as ‘La casa de los líos’ (1997) for Antena 3, ‘Plaza Alta’ (1998-2000) and ‘Arrayán’ (2003), for Canal Sur and reality series such as ‘La isla de los famosos’ (2003), ‘¿Cantas o qué?’ (2006) and "Splash! Famosos al agua" (2013).
Today we celebrate Máximo Valverde’s 70th birthday.

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