Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy 70th Birthday Ann Smyrner

Ann Smyrner was born Rohde Nielsen on November 3, 1934 in Frederiksborg, Denmark. The daughter of stage actor Poul Smyrner [1899-1978], she was discovered by a talent scout in 1950 and studied acting at the Arhus Theatre School from 1955-1956. She made her stage debut as Gulnare in "Aladdin” to mixed reviews. Ann remained in the theater until 1957 when she received a 5 year film contract from Deutsche Filmhansa. She would go on to appear in over 65 films appearing in adventure, comedy, science fiction, crime, and horror movies, among which were the Sidney Pink science fiction movies “Reptilicus” and “Journey to the Seventh Planet” (both 1962).
Smyrner appeared in only one Euro-western as Lola/Betta in 1967’s “Beyond the Law”.
Ann spent most of her screen career in Germany. After she retired from acting in 1971, she moved to Andalusia, Spain where she writes and lectures.
Today we celebrate Ann Smyrner’s 70th birthday.

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