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L’Apache Bianco – Italian title
Apache Kid – Spanish title
Valkoinen apassi – Finnish title
Der weiße Apache - Die Rache des Halbbluts– German title
O lefkos Apachi – Greek title
Apache Branco – Portuguese title
White Apache – English title
A 1985 Italian, Spanish co-production [Beatric Film (Rome), Multivideo S.A. (Barcelona)]
Producers: José María Cunillés, Isabel Mulá
Director: Vincent Dawn (Bruno Mattei)
Story: Roberto Di Girolamo
Screenplay: José María Cunillés, Franco Prosperi
Cinematography: José María Cunillés, Julio Burgos [Telecolor, widescreen]
Music: Lugi Cecarelli
Running time: 100 minutes
Shining Sky – Sebastian Harrison
Rising Sun – Lola Forner (Maria Forner)
Governor – Albert Farley (Alberto Quaglini)
Ryder/Redeath – Charley Bravo (Carlos Bravo)
Isabella – Cinzia de Ponti (Cinzia Fiordeponti)
Crazy Bull – Charles Borromel (Carlo Borromeo)
White Bear – José Canalejas
Cribbens – Luciano Pigozzi
Dueña – Benny Cardoso (Beni Cadoso)
Indian – Ignacio Carreno Carreño (Ignacio López)
With: Emilio Línder, José Moreno

Deep in the Old West a small wagon train is attacked by bandits who kill the men, women and children, but just before they kill the last survivor, a group of Apaches arrive on the scene and kill the bandits. They rescue a woman who has survived and take her back to camp where she gives birth, but dies of her wounds. Her son is named Shining Sky and he is raised by White Bear the Apache Chief as his own son, alongside his son Black Wolf. The boys are inseparable as youngsters, but fall apart over the love of Rising Sun and as they fight for her, Black Wolf is accidentally killed. Shining Sky leaves the tribe to live with the white men but discovers that they are a vile bunch who plan to kill off the Apaches who are stopping them from settling in the territory. Finding rejection and persecution by the Whites he returns to the Apaches where he joins them in their fight against the white man’s intrusion of their tribal lands.
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