Friday, November 28, 2014

Remembering Luciano Rossi

Luciano Rossi was born on November 28, 1934 in Collepardo, Rome, Lazio, Italy. Rossi was one of the most recognizable supporting and character actor of the Spaghetti western genre the short and often hunched over actor first appeared in small background roles in a number of Spaghetti Westerns in the late 1960s. During his over 70 films and TV appearance career usually playing criminals, thugs and often slimy characters in many crime films in the 1970s.
Rossi appeared in some of the best of the Spaghetti western genre often using such pseudonyms as Lou Kamante, Edward G. Ross and various spellings of each. He appeared in such well- known Euro-westerns as: “Django” (1965), “The Great Silence”, “Run, Man, Run”, “Viva Django!” (all 1967), “The Forgotten Pistolero”, “Boot Hill” (both 1969), “A Man Called Sledge” and They Call Me Trinity” (both 1970), “Return of Sabata” (1971) and “Deaf Smith and Johnny Ears” (1972).
Rossi suffered for many years of undisclosed debilitating disease dying from it on May 29, 2005 in Rome, Italy. He was 71.
Today we remember one of the best villains of the genre Luciano Rossi on what would have been his 80th birthday.  

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  1. I remember he played Jean-Paul in 1968's "Run, Man, Run" but I have not seen that film.