Saturday, November 15, 2014

Buffalo Rising

Thanks to Laurent Bertin, producer and co-writer and actor I was able to see his film short “Buffalo Rising” which is showing at various film festivals around the world.
The 15 minute short tells the story of a small 1890's South Dakota rancher named Tom and his son Jack, who are driving their small herd of cattle to market. The sale of the herd is the last chance for him and his boy to continue to their lives on the plains. Along the way they see a small herd of buffalo and Tom tells his son how many there were at one time but were almost wiped out by greedy men who sold their hides. The small herd is proof they can make a comeback in a harsh environment under trying conditions in adverse times.
Although the father is stern with his son and makes him obey his commands he also shows compassion and deep love and concern for his well-being. Much like the buffalo herd the two cowboys face trouble when their herd is stolen by cattle thieves. The boy grows up quickly when they are forced to kill two of the three thieves in order to save their herd and their lives. Triumphant in their struggle they continue on their way to market and a better life ahead. 
The film short is very enjoyable and realistic. The scenery and photography are strikingly beautiful. I enjoyed Laurent’s portrayal of the father very much. He was able to express his apprehension in getting the cattle to market and what it meant to him and his son. He was sharp with his son because of his concern for his welfare. He also demonstrated tenderness and love for Jack's wellbeing. I just wish it had been longer to show but the production company was constrained by time and costs.
If “Buffalo Rising” shows up at a film festival near you, make a point to see it as you won’t be disappointed. Laurent said they are trying to show it at the LAMA so I might be able to meet him first hand.
Thanks again to Lauren Bertin for allowing me to see this slice of western life through the eyes of Tom and Jack.
Buffalo Rising – International title
A 2014 French production [L'autredimension (France)]
Producer: Laurent Bertin
Director: Perre-Yves Hampartzoumian
Story: Laurent Bertin, Pierre-Yves Hampartzoumian
Screenplay: Laurent Bertin, Pierre-Yves Hampartzoumian
Cinematography: Christophe Persoz [color]
Music: Olivier Militon
Running time: 15 minutes
Tom - Laurent Bertin
Jack - Aurèle Bertin (Aurelius Bertin)
Mose – Raphael Joannis
Heck - Théo Balembois
Bob - Robin Gygax
Stunts – Jérôme Mattos

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