Friday, November 28, 2014

Guess Who I Am

I was an Italian actor born in Italy on an unknown date.
Before I went into pictures I was butcher.
I was known for my appearances in several Demofilo Fidani films
Guess who I am.
Fatman correctly named Jeff Cameron as this week's photo.


  1. Hey, that's Jeff Cameron (Goffredo Scarciofolo)

  2. Correct Fatman it is Jeff Cameron.

  3. That man is Giovanni "Nino" Scarciofolo. She started as a stuntman and he played "Sartana" twice for Demofilo Fidani.

  4. Looking at his lower teeth, I could guess he was a heavy (chain) smoker.

  5. That's Jeff Cameron. He was born on April 11, 1934, in Rome, Italy and prior to his career as an actor he worked at the butcher shop of his father, Angelito Scarciofolo. In 1962, he appeared in his first film but as for what it was called I have no idea. He made several Spaghetti Westerns from 1967 to 1973 with most of them being directed by Miles Deem and usually using clips from other Miles Deem Spaghettis. As for his death, I always assumed that Jeff Cameron died in a car accident. It is said that on November 7, 1985, Cameron, 51, was on his way to audition for the role of Bennett, the main villain in the Arnold Schwartzenegger movie, "Commando" which was being filmed in Italy. He was driving along the highway when his car lost control and crashed into a guard rail. Jeff Cameron died at the scene. I could be wrong, but for right now, that's what I'm going with. My opinion is that in 1973, Cameron took a break from acting to focus more on his family but soon returned in 1985 to make three more films. Those films remain unreleased. They are also unfinished and Jeff is no longer here to finish them. As for the rumor of him being a chain smoker? Well, it's possible. I mean, with a face like his you would HAVE to think he was smoking. Please let me know what you think because there's only so much that I know about Jeff Cameron and sometimes when it comes to actors like him, my guesses aren't always right. Any corrections or opinions are always welcome. Adios, amigos.