Monday, November 17, 2014

Remembering Per Barclay

Per Barclay was born Erik Atberg on November 17, 1894 in Denmark. Little information about Per exists. According to my friend, actor Dan van Husen, he was much older than the other members of the cast of "Doc" and was very nervous in front of the camera, but the directors he worked for liked his rugged looking face so he was used in westerns and other adventure films. Barclay appeared in six Euro-westerns always in supporting roles. His film career began with an appearance as a convict in 1969’s “El Condor”. This was followed by four more Euro-westerns including: “Captain Apache” and “Valdez is coming (1970), “Catlow” and “Doc” (1971) and “Bad Man’s River” (1972).
Per died in Bälinge, Sweden on January 14, 1983.
Today we remember Per Barclay on what would have been his 120th birthday.
[Barclay is pictured in the back row far right].

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