Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Book Release

"El Cartel de Cine en el Western Europeo"
Author: Bienvenido Llopis
Publisher: NOTORIOUS
Pages: 216
Available: September 3, 2012
ISBN: 978-84-15606-11-6

The author Bienvenido Llopis has announced the release of a new Spaghetti western book. "El Cartel de Cine en el Western Europeo", It is a compilation, in color, of all the Euro-western posters of the films that were shown in his days in Spain, with information on each,  The posters are adjusted to the size of 4 per page, and the book has more than 200 pages.  Besides the posters there is another section of the book which shows all of the spaghetti soundtrack CDs for sale on the market. The book will be published by NOTORIOUS in September. Its price will be around 30 euros.


  1. Looks great! Something good for us English only speakers/readers....

  2. Hi James. I'm sure the text is in Spanish but you should be able to make out what films the posters represent.

  3. hello Tom could you please tell me where to buy it this or even pre order i cant find it any where and there does not appear to be a amazon Spain site hope to hear from you soon and thanks for sharing

  4. I usually look for European books once they become available on Abe Books.
    The prices they show usually include shipping so wait until September and check them then.

  5. thanks Tom for the info i will take the advice to wait till it is release many thanks again have a great day cheers