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Krasnye kolokola, film pervyy - Meksika v ogne – Russian title
Krasnye kolokola – Russian title
Messico in fiamme – Italian title
Campanas rojas (primera parte) – Mexican title
Rude zvony – Czechoslovakian title
Meksiko liekeissä – Finnish title
Punaiset kellot I osa Meksiko tulessa – Finnish title
10 Tage, die die Welt erschütterten – German title
Mexikó lángokban – Hungarian title
Czerwone dzwony – Meksyk w ogniu – Polish title
La decada que extremeció al mund – Spanish title
Meksiko liekeissa – Swedish title
Mexico i flammor – Swedish title
Meksika alevler içinde– Turkish title
Insurgent Mexico – English title
Red Bells Part I - Mexico on Fire – English title
Red Bells – English title
Mexico in Flames – English title

A 1981 Russian, Italian, Mexican co-production [Mosfilm (Moscow), Vides International (Rome), Conacitez (Mexico City)]
Producers: Constantin Stekine, Pablo Buelna
Director: Sergei Bonbdarchuk (Sergei Bondradchuk)
Story: “Insurgent Mexico” by John Reed
Screenplay: Sergei Bonbdarchuk (Sergei Bondradchuk), V. Ezhov (Valentin Ezhov), Ricardo Garibay, Carlo Ortiz Tejeda
Cinematography: Vadim Yusov [color]
Music: Jorge Eras (Joaquin Heras)
Running time: 135 minutes

John Reed – Franco Nero (Francesco Sparanero)
Mabel Douglas – Ursula Andress
Emiliano Zapata – Jorge Luke
Soldadrea – Blanca Guerra (Blanca Islas)
Longino – Jorge Reynoso
Pancho Villa – Heraclio Zepeda
General Urbina – Alfredo Gutierrez
Amador – Humberto Elizondo
Proculo – Carlos Cardan (Carlos Figueroa)
Newspaper reporters – Roger Cudney, Paco Pharrez (Francisco Pharrez)
Newspaper executive – George Belanger (Jorge Belanger)
Urbina officers – Honorato Magaloni, Mario Arevalo
Fidencio – Armando Duarte (Armando Osorio)
Red Guard Sviridov – Igor Ivanov
Villista soldier – Roberto Ruy
Wagon driver – Jorge Noble (Xorge Noble)
With: Erika Carlson (Erika Carlsson), Trinidad Esclava, Vytautas  Tomkus, Guadalupe Pineda, Martin LaSalle, Salvador Jarquin, Maria de Lourdes Salinas, Jacqueline Evans (Grace Antibus), Roberto Sclosser

This is the first in a two-part film epic covering the journalist John Reed’s life. Reed and his rich patron and lover Mabel Douglas carry on a torrid romance as he covers labor riots and revolutions during the years 1910 to 1915. Most of the film takes place in Mexico, where Reed chronicles that nation's revolution derived from his experience alongside Pancho Villa. We see long gallops, picturesque and ragged crowd scene, sombreros, bandoleros, bivouacs, and battles with the government. All these stories are interwoven in "flashback" showing moments in the life of John Reed from his first meeting with Mabel Dodge where she hires Reeds to be a fashion writer, up to the realization that led him to Mexico and the first 20th century revolution.


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  1. This film is based on actual accounts from American journalist John Reed. Franco Nero plays the title role and it's the most accurate portrayal yet. Which is good because I love history. Especially the history of the Mexican Revolution during which the film takes place. They did a good job of making this film. Bravo, Hollywood, bravo.