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Fuerte perdido – Spanish title
Asalto al fuerte Apache – Spanish title
L’attaque de fort grant – French title
Ratna staza - Croatian title
Höllenfahrt nach Golden City – German title
Adistaktos prodotis – Greek title
I rinnegati di Fort Grant – Italian title
Kovboylar Kanunu – Turkish title
Doomed Fort – English title
The Lost Outpost – English title
Massacre at Fort Perdition – English title
Renegade at Fort Grant – English title
Massacre at Fort Grant – English title

A 1964 Spanish production [Lacy International Films, PC Alesanco (Madrid)]
Producer: Joe Gamble (José María Elorrieta)
Director: J. Douglas (José María Elorrieta)
Story:  José Luis Navarro, José María Elorrieta
Screenplay:  José Luis Navarro, José María Elorrieta
Cinematography: Paul Rippel (Pablo Ripoll) [Eastmancolor, Galascope]
Music: Fred Garcia (Fernando García Morcillo)
Songs: “Volvere”, “Caravana”, “Camino del Sur” sung by Maruchy Taylor, José Guardiola
Running time: 90 minutes

Paul Driscoll – Jerry Cobb/George Gordon (Germán Cobos)
Joffren – John Sullivan (Mariano Vidal Molina)
James – Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell)
Ann/Mary – Martha Hyier (María Ávila)
Arthur – Chris Huerta (Crisanto Huerta)
John - Frank Braña (Francisco Pérez)
Tabaly – Ethel Rojo (Ethel Castro)
Julie - María Saavedra
Geronimo - Rafael Albaicín (Ignacio Escudero)
Justice of the Peace – Luis Villar
Captain Nixon – William Mender (Guillermo Méndez)
Union Lieutenant – Jim Pérez (Julio Tabernero)
Sergeant Gray – Hugh Pepper (Hugo Pimentel)
Soldier – Rufino Inglés
Fiscal - Santiago Rivero
Tendera - Roy Rogers (Rosario Royo)
Ballerina - Ana Lazaga
With: Lew Wills (Luis Barboo), Ángel Celdrán, Joe Gardener (José Guardiola), Javier Inglés, Ángel Ortiz,  José Sancho, Pastor Serrador (Herberto Serrador), Vicente Tormos, Manuel Torremocha, Román Ariznavarreta, José Luis Chinchilla

Paul Driscoll arrives in Arizona to take possession of the land that the Government provides for homesteading and marries a beautiful singer. Three days later, he leaves with a caravan of settlers escorted by a military patrol. But they are attacked by the Indian chief Geronimo and his men, having to take refuge in an abandoned fort, where the attacks of the Apaches, boredom and lack of water weakens the settlers will to fight and survive. It’s up to Driscoll to rally their spirits and determination to ward off the attacking Indians until help can arrive.

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