Tuesday, July 17, 2012

McFinnen & Wallace

McFinnen & Wallace

A 2007 Austrian production [Black–Silver Cinema (Innsbruck)]
Producer: Robert Spindler
Director: Robert Spindler
Story: Robert Spindler
Screenplay: Robert Spindler
Cinematography: Albert Frisch [color]
Music: Charly Harm (Walter Harm)
Running time: 57 minutes

McFinnen – Steve Colvin (Stephan Colvin)
Wallace – Robert Spindler
Jimmy – Richard Spindler
Half-Breed – Charly Harm (Walter Harm)
Baker – Kai Rossman
Telegrapher – Philip Herdina
Suzanne – Nina Daschil
Sally Hall – Sigrid Schmidt
O’Hara – Albert Frisch
Lieutenant Jackson – Richard Schwarz
Skalpjager – Markus Piff
the happy girl – Sandra Silberger
Stallbursche – Fabian Krismer
Townsmen – Hans-Peter Calvin, Christian Ginzel
Baker henchmen – Peter Hengl, Martin Kruger
Saloon girls – Lea Spindler, Stefanie Rudig, Birgit Frisch
Saloon patrons – Helmut Wechner, Stefan Treichl, Jakob Rossmann, Raimund Spindler
Pianist – Johannes Simmer
Barkeeper – Gero Low
Indian in saloon – Peter Gorlach
Townswomen – Tamara Munchen, Nora Bernhardt
Drunken driver – Bert Walser

McFinnen wants nothing more than to lead a peaceful country life on the small farm of Wallace and his wife. But his reputation precedes him as a gunslinger. His code of honor leaves him no choice than to accept the challenge of an unnamed half-breed Indian. The traumatized civil war veteran, Jimmy who takes a job on the Wallace farm seems to have nothing to do with all this but he saved McFinnen’s life during the war and is now feels responsible for him. The threads of fate of the four men have already begun to entwine with each other.

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