Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who are Those Guys? - John Bartha

János Barta is a Hungarian film actor born in 1920 in Budapest, Hungary. He started his film career in 1951 with an appearance in the Hungarian film "Teljes gözzel". With his friend and fellow actor Tom Felleghy they moved to Italy in the early 1960s. Here Barta’s name was Anglicized to John Bartha and he went on to appear in over 90 films from 1951-1981. His familiar face was seen in over 30 Euro-westerns. Bartha along with Luis Induni were often cast as sheriffs, law officers and military men in the majority of their western films. Bartha’s probably best remembered as the sheriff of Mesilla in the "Good, the Bad and the Ugly". The Man with No Name after capturing Tuco turns him over to Bartha and when the hanging takes place he shoots the hats off the lawman and several spectators before riding out of town and splitting the reward with the now freed outlaw. As far as Bartha’s long time relationship with fellow Hungarian Tom Felleghy, Bartha married singer Erzsi Paál and for reasons only known to Bartha did not invite Felleghy to the wedding and their friendship dissolved at that point. Paál died in 1975 and Bartha’s career ended in 1981. Rumors abounded that he was living in a trailer park and forgotten and abandoned. Where and if he is living today is unknown.

BARTHA, John (aka Gian Barta, Gianni Barta, János Barta, John Barth, John Bartho, Barta János, Barto János) (János Barta) [1920, Budapest, Hungary -    ] - TV actor, married to actress, singer Erzsi Paál [192?-1975] (19??-1975).
Man of the Cursed Valley - 1964
Seven Guns from Texas - 1964 (Dan)
Hands of a Gunman - 1965 (Sheriff Fred)
The Relentless Four - 1965 (John)
Son of Jesse James - 1965 (Federal Agent)
The Brute and the Beast - 1966 (Carradine)
El Rojo - 1966 (judge)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - 1966 (Marshal of Mesilla)
The Dirty Outlaws - 1967 (Wallace)
El Rojo - 1967 (judge)
If You Want to Live... Then Shoot! - 1967 (merchant)
Killer Calibre. 32 - 1967 (Parker)
Last of the Badmen - 1967 (sheriff)
Ringo and His Golden Pistol - 1967 (Bernard)
The Wild and the Dirty - 1967
And for a Roof a Sky Full of Stars - 1968 (Mr. Lawrence)
A Cry of Death - 1968 (Tex Thomas)
Kill Them All and Come Back Alone - 1968 (prison camp captain)
The Long Days of Hate - 1968 (sheriff)
A Minute to Pray a Second to Die - 1968 (townsman)
No Graves on Boot Hill - 1968 (saloon owner)
Son of Django - 1968 (sheriff)
Sabata - 1969 (sheriff of Daughety City)
Sartana the Gravedigger - 1969 (sheriff)
Fistful of Lead - 1970 (marshal)
Guns for Dollars - 1971 (dead man)
His Name was King - 1971 (Sheriff Roberts)
Jesse and Lester Two Brothers in a Place Called Trinity - 1972 (Carson)
Tequila - 1973 (sheriff)
White Fang - 1973 (Mountie)
Challenge to White Fang - 1974 (colonel)
We are No Angels - 1975 (sheriff)

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  1. I found out that John Bartha died some time around 1991. He was 71 years old.