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Si può fare... amigo - Italian title
En el Oeste se puede hacer... amigo - Spanish title
Seamos amigos - Spanish title
...Y asi sea - Spanish title
Amigo!... Mon colt a deux mots à te dire - French title
Assim é Que se Faz Amigo - Brazilian title
Assim é Que se Faz um Amigo - Brazilian title
Duelo Contra a Morte - Brazilian title
Inimigos Inseparáveis - Brazilian title
Que Assim Seja... Trinity - Brazilian title
Hallelujah Amigo - Danish title
Komt voor elkaar, Amigo - Dutch title
Dynamiittia nyrkeissä... amigo! - Finnish title
Halleluja... Amigo - German title
Die Brillenschlange und der Buffel - German title
Der Dicke in Mexiko - German title
Ta pallikaria tis Dyseos - Greek title
Vadnyugati Casanova - Hungarian title
Chega-lhe Amigo - Portuguese title
Den våldsamma fighten - Swedish title
Halleluja amigo! - Swedish title
Avantura jednog gorostasa - Yugoslavian title
Saddle Tramps - Canadian title
The Big and the Bad - U.K. title
Bulldozer is Back Amigo - English title
Hands Up Amigo - English title
Can be Done, Amigo - English title
It Can be Done... Amigo! - U.S.A. title

A 1972 Italian, Spanish, French co-production [Sanscrosiap, Terza Produzione Indipendente (Rome), Atlántida Films Films S.A. (Madrid), Les Productions Jacques Roitefeld (Paris)]
Producers: Chroscicki (Enrico Chroscicki), Sansone (Alfonso Sansone)
Director: Maurice Bright (Maurzio Lucidi)
Story: Ernesto Gastaldi
Screenplay: Rafael Azcona (Rafael Fernandez)
Dialogue: Albert Kantoff [French dialogue]
Cinematography: Aldo Tonti [Technicolor, CineScope]
Music: Luis Enriquez Bacaloc, Sergio Bardotti
Song: "Can be Done" sung by Rocky Roberts (Charlie Roberts)
Running time: 109 minutes

Hiram Coburn - Bud Spencer (Carlo Pedersoli)
Sonny Bronston - Jack Palance (Volodymyr Palahnyuk, Jr.)
Chip Anderson - Renato Cestiè
Sheriff Franciscus - Francisco Rabal (Francisco Valera)
Mary Bronston - Dany Saval (Danielle Saval)
deputies - Sal Borgese (Salvatore Bogese), Margello Verziera (Marcello Verziera)
Big Jim - Luciano Catenacci
Mole - Roberto Camardiel (Roberto Escudero)
Big Jim’s henchmen - Riccardo Pizzuti, Franco Ukmar, Giancarlo Bastianoni
widow Warren - Serena Michelotti
bank teller - Raffaele Mottola
professor - Franco Giacobini (Francesco Giacobini)
Chip’s uncle - Manuel Guitián (Manuel Selgado)
with: Dominique Patual, Cleri Dante (Dante Cleri), Allan Collins (Luciano Pigozzi), Dalila de Lamar (Dalila di Lazzaro), Luciano Bonanni, Franca Viganò, Nello Pazzafini (Giovanni Pazzafini), Arrigo Peri

Hiram Coburn is a big man who lives by his wits. During his wanderings he witnesses the death of the old-man Anderson, who before taking his last breath entrusts his grandson Chip and deed of ownership of his house. Coburn agrees to defend the child, but must deal with Sonny who is on his trail to force him to marry his sister Mary whom Coburn is accused of previously dishonored. Sonny has in mind a plan of revenge and to kill Coburn with his hands just after the shotgun marriage. In the meantime Coburn receives multiple offers to purchase the home of Chip, but when Coburn refuses to sell the child becomes the prey of violent assaults, which Coburn is able to save Chip with the help of Sonny.

YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZmwxu1GgdY

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  1. The original german titel is "Halleluja ... Amigo".
    The other titels are for video and for revival.