Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jack, Sam and Pete

Jack, Sam and Pete - U.K. title

A 1919 British production [Pollock-Daring Productions, British and Colonial Kinematograph Co. (London)]
Producer: Leon Pollock
Director: Jack Daring (Percy Moran)
Story: S. Clarke-Hook (Samuel Clarke-Hook)
Screenplay: S. Clarke-Hook (Samuel Clarke-Hook)
Cinematography: ? [black & white]
Running time: 5000 feet

Jack - Percy Moran
Sam - Eddie Willey
Pete - Earnest Trimingham
Cyril Danvers - H. Manning Haynes (Horace Manning Haynes)
Violet Danvers - Enid Heather
‘The Scorpion’ - Captain Jack Kelly (Cornelius Keefe)
‘The Boy’ - Garrick Aitken
‘The Ferret’ - Jack Harding

[Earnest Trimingham (far left) and Percy Moran (center) in "Jack, Sam and Pete (1919) from Stephen Bourne, Black in the British Frame]

In "Jack, Sam and Pete" (1919), based on the popular boys’ stories by S. Clarke Hook, three cowboys rescue a kidnapped child. It was a starring vehicle for Percy Moran, the pre-war star of the stirring "Lieutenant Daring" adventure series, who clearly hoped to create a new character to excite a young audience. One of the trio in the title, Pete, was played by Ernest Trimingham, Britain’s first black actor.

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