Sunday, October 2, 2011

In the West Only Beans

Im Westen nur Bohnen - German title
In the West Only Beans - English title

A 2006 Austrian production [Black-Silver Cinema (Kirchbichl)]
Producer: Robert Spindler
Director: Robert Spindler
Story: Robert Spindler
Screenplay: Robert Spindler
Cinematography: Albert Frisch [color]
Music: Charly Harm
Song: "Title song" sung by Steve Colvin
Running time: 82 minutes

Hogweed - Robert Spindler
Siesta - Richard Schwarz
Pony Express waitress - Sandra Silberberger
with: Markus Piff, Albert Frisch, Kai Rossmann

Two brothers, Hogweed and Siesta, meet at a Pony Express station in the Rocky Mountains and decide to try their luck at gold mining but it isn’t without its adventures.

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