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Jesse e Lester: due fratelli in un posto chiamoto Trinita - Italian title
Due fratelli - Italian title
Jesse & Lister, twee broers in Trinity - Dutch title
Trinity-veljekset, Lännen voittamattomat - Finnish title
Jesse et Lester deux freres au lieu-dit Trinita - French title
Deux freres Appeles Trinita - French title
Ein Halleluja für zwei linke Brüder - German title
Imoun, eimai kai tha eimai Trinita - Greek title
Oi dyo yperanthropoi - Greek title
Dois Irmãos Num Lugar Chamado Trinitá - Portuguese title
Dos hermanos y una mula - Spanish title
De vilda bröderna i Trinity - Swedish title
Jesse & Lester - Swedish title
3 Cilgin Serseri - Trinita Kardesler - Turkish title
Trinity - English title
Jesse and Lester - U.K. title
A Place Called Trinity - U.S.A. title
Two Brothers in Trinity - U.S.A. title
Jesse and Lester, Two Brothers in a Place Called Trinity - U.S.A. title

A 1972 Italian production [H.P. International Film (Rome)]
Producer: Richard Harrison, Fernando Piazza
Director: James London (Richard Harrison)
Story: Richard Harrison
Screenplay: Renzo Genta
Cinematography: Antonio Modica [Eastmancolor]
Music: Carlo Savina
Song: "Glory, Glory" sung by chorus
Running time: 97 minutes

Jesse Smith - Richard Harrison
Lester O’Hara - Donald O’Brien (Donal O’Brien)
‘Poker’ - Gino Marturano (Luigi Marturano)
banker - Aldo Cecconi
Elena Von Schaffer - Anna Zinnemann
Thompson - Fernando Cerulli
Paco - Salvatore Baccaro
Pablo - Lino Caruana (Calogero Caruano)
Chinaman - George Wang (Wang Yie)
Blondie - Rick Boyd (Federico Boido)
stagecoach robber - Luciano Rossi
Carson - John Bartha (Janos Barta)
outaws - Fortuanto Arena, Osiride Peverello, Renzo Peverello
miners - Claudio Ruffini, John Dulaney
poker players - Emilio Messina
doctor - Galliano Sbarra
church member - Elio Angelucci
fat woman - Franca Hass (Franca Itor)
with: Rod Licari (Rodolfo Licari), Daniela Meroni, Alba Bonfatti, Ada Pometti (Ada Nunzia), Goffredo Unger

Heirs of land in the town of Trinity, the two stepbrothers Jesse and Lester start off together to take possession of their claim. During the trip they already have different attitudes: Jesse, quickly uses his gun and kills four bandits who try and rob them, the second, Lester a Mormon preacher of moderation and non-violence, scolds Lester harshly. With the proceeds from the sale of the land, Lester would like to build a church, Jesse wants to build a house of pleasure. Nevertheless, the two, along with a friendly lawyer, reach Trinity, but are welcomed by bandits who put them to flight. The attempt to establish a mine in the area where gold has been discovered, proves to be slow and difficult, and this leads to Jesse splitting with Lester. After various adventures and misadventures, Jesse is able to open, along with Elena (a prostitute) and with other friends, his house of pleasure. Business is booming, until Lester arrives, who Jesse had left in the care of a physician. Lester’s arrival causes a riot and a fire. Again the brothers must deal with a band of bullies, who attempt to kill Lester. To heal one and with the gratitude of the other, the two brothers eventually founds Lester’s church.

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