Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy 75th Birthday Jack Taylor

George Brown Randall was born on October 21, 1936 in Oregon City, Oregon. He relocated to Mexico in the late 1950s and then moved to Spain. Working as Jack Taylor he’s specialized in working in low budget horror and exploitation films for such directors as Jess Franco, Amando de Ossorio, Javier Aguirre, Juan Piquer Simon, Leon Klimovsky, Carlos Aured and Jose Ramon Larraz. He’s co-starred with many of the top actors of Mexico, Spain and the U.S.A. such as Paul Naschy, Christopher Lee, German Robles, Howard Vernon, Ray Milland, Soledad Miranda, Janine Reynaud, Lina Romay, Klaus Kinski, Adrian Hoven, Helga Line, Herbert Lom and Maria Rohm. Among his more then 120 film appearances were 6 Euro-westerns such as "Billy the Kid" (1963), "Tomb of the Pistolero" (1964), "Fall of the Mohicans" (1965), "The Christmas Kid" (1966), "Custer of the West" (1967) and "The Sons of Trinity" (1995). Today we celebrate Jack Taylor’s 75th birthday.

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