Monday, October 24, 2011


Jesuit Joe - International title

A 1991 French, Canadian co-production [Le Studio Canal+ (Paris), Duckster Productions, Cine Cing (Montreal)]
Producer: Joe H. Jaizz
Director: Olivier Austen
Story: Hugo Pratt
Screenplay: Ron Base, Olivier Austen
Cinematography: Eric Dumage [Eastmancolor]
Music: Erik Armand
Running time: 105 minutes

Jesuit Joe - Peter Tarter
Captain Fox - John Walsh
Mrs. Thorpe - Laurence Treil
Signor Thorpe - Geoffrey Carey
Dutchess - Chantal Des Roches
Captain Francis - Valerio Popesco
Vito - Guy Provencher
vulture - Mike Marshall (Michael Marshall) [English voice], Jean-Pierre Kalfon [French voice]
with: Jean-Jacques Grimblant, Michael McGill, Clea Pastore (Brigitte Pastore)

In 1911 Canada, a Metis Indian named Jesuit Joe returns to his homeland and in an unorthodox method captures two thieves and turns them over to the Royal Mounted Police for judgment before the court.

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