Saturday, October 22, 2011

RIP Gene Luotto

From John Gayford comes word on the death of screenwriter, dubbing director Gene Luotto. "To all of you who were here in Rome, caught up in the dubbing racket, today is a sad day. Gene Luotto, daddy of us all, the one who taught us how to dub, has passed away. That'll never sound right, even if you pull it up two frames. I will never forget his kindness and his gentle, effective directing technique. He will be remembered with love and respect. Ciao, Gene." 10/21/2011.

Gene co-wrote the screenplay for Guy Madison’s "Gunmen of the Rio Grande" (1964) as well as the English dialogue for "They Call Me Trinity" (1970), "Trinity is STILL My Name" (1971) and "Buddy Goes West" (1981). He is the father of actors Steve Luotto and Andy Luotto.


  1. Do you know if Gene ever did any dubbing himself? I've heard rumors that he might have done a bit of narration for films from time to time.

  2. No I cannot confirm he did any dubbing but like you I suspect he must have done some uncredited work and narrations. Tom B.