Friday, October 28, 2011

Joe Dakota

Spara Joe... e così sia! - Italian title
Un uomo chiamoto Dakota Joe - Italian title
Tire Joe et... Amen! - French title
Einai kairos na pethaneis, Joe - Greek title
Dispara Joe... y asi sea - Spanish title
Joe Dakota - Spanish title
Shoot Joe, and Shoot Again - U.S.A. title
Joe Dakota - U.S.A. title

A 1971 Italian, Spanish co-production [Neptunia (Milan), P.C. Balcázar S.A. (Barcelona)]
Producer: Benito Bertaccini
Director: Hal Brady (Emilio Miraglia)
Story: Jean Josipovici
Screenplay: Jean Josipovici, Hal Brady (Emilio Mirgalia)
Cinematography: Silvio Fraschetti [Eastmancolor, Totalscope]
Music: Vasco & Mancuso (Vasili Kojucharov, Elsio Mancuso)
Running time: 88 minutes

Joe Dakota - Richard Harrison
Ted - Antonio Cantafora
Rosy - Franca Polsello
Jack - José Torres (José Medina)
Francis - Indio Gonzales (Gaspar González)
Sam - Vittorio Fanfoni
Chuck - Rick Boyd (Federico Boido)
sheriff - Paolo Magalotti
with: Roberto Maldera, Giulio Bargahini, Claudio Trionfi, Corrado Olmi, Bernard Faber (Bernard Farber), Giulio Battiferi

Ted and his gang pull off a bank robbery and Ted hides the loot. Meanwhile a wounded and dying man hands over a map to buried money to Joe, a poor hunter who has rescued him. Ted’s henchmen find Joe and torture him to try and make him reveal what he knows. The burns inflicted on him make him go blind. The band take advantage of Joe’s weaknesses for Rosy, the madam of the saloon he promises to lead them to the money. When the gang take Rosy and Joe to their hideout he is beaten by robbers, who take the map and go for loot. Joe, who has since regained the use of the eyes, exterminates the bandits but during the fight Rosy takes advantage of their distraction to flee with the money. Recklessly she tries to cross a swollen river and is swept away. Joe, who tries in vain to help Rosy, is left standing alone with nothing.

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  1. There's another western out there with the same title...JOE DAKOTA. It stars George Montgomery but sw fave Lee Van Cleef is in it too! Released in 1957.