Monday, October 17, 2011

Who Are Those Guys? - Dan Barry

Joaquin Gómez Sáinz was born in San Bartolome de Soba, Cantabria, Spain in 1940. He was an award winning weightlifter and wrestler and won several gold medals at the Cantabrian Games and the Greco-Roman wrestling championship in Madrid. He ran a gym in Santander and published a magazine called "Deporte y Salud" (Sport and Health) until he turned to earning a living in the Spanish film industry. While working with the military in the Canary Islands he was hired by German director Rolf Olsen to appear in two Tarzan films "Tarzán en la gruta del diablo" (Tarzan in the Cave of the Devil) and "Tarzán en la jungla maldita" (The Man in the Jungle). He also appeared for Olsen as a deputy sheriff in "The Last Ride to Santa Cruz" (1963). With this experience he became a stuntman and character actor in several of the productions filmed in Spain such as "The Battle of the Bulge", "Doctor Zhivago" (both 1965) "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum"(1966) "Camelot" (1967) and "Cervantes" (1968). In the ‘70s he worked as a stuntman and character actor with Paul Naschy and Jesus Franco. In 1983 he starred in "Tunka el guerrero". Dan appeared as an actor in a handful of Euro-westerns late in the genre’s run including "Comin’ at Ya! And "Al oeste de Rio Grande" in the 1980s. Dan would go on to work in several TV series in Portugal, Argentina and Spain. Today Barry works as a screenwriter and film distributor.

BARRY, Dan (aka Joaquin Gómez Sáiz) (Joaquin Gómez Sáinz) [1940, San Bartolome de Soba, Cantabria, Spain - ] - weight lifter, wrestler, director, screenwriter, TV actor, stuntman.The Last Ride to Santa Cruz - 1963 (deputy sheriff)
Cavalry Charge - 1964
Custer of the West - 1967
Comin’ at Ya! - 1980
Al oeste de Río Grande - 1983 (Apache)


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  3. What TV series did he do in Portugal? In Wikipedia there's no reference to anything produced or shot in Portugal or spoken in Portuguese.