Thursday, October 13, 2011

RIP Klaus-Peter Thiele

German actor Klaus-Peter Thiele died of cancer today in Berlin. Thiele was born in Meiningen, Germany on December 14, 1940. His father Heino Thiele [1891-1964] worked many years as an actor, director and theater manager at various theaters and appeared in silent films. His talented son, Klaus-Peter graduated from high school and attended drama school in Berlin and then subsequently appeared in stage engagements in Parchim and Potsdam, before working for three decades, for DEFA. His first film role is a resounding, and international success Thiele plays the title role in the anti-war movie "Die Abenteuer des Werner Holt" (The Adventures of Werner Holt) (1964/65). Even decades later Thiele was remembered again and again for this role. Later he acted in various roles, sometimes as a sympathetic figure, but also as a conceited, arrogant and cocky upstart. He continues to fall back on performances in Nazi occupation roles. Thiele often plays this role in Polish films, but also in television series and shorts with Rudi Kurz in "Archiv de Todes" or "Front ohne Gnade'. After the political changes of 1989, the actor with the deep, warm voice appears on stage in Hamburg and Munich, gaining experience, he also belongs to the regular cast of the Stoertebeker Festival in Ralswiek. He also warmly remembered working with Bud Spencer in the movie "Condor Mission", which was shown in the United States. Klaus-Peter Thiele lived for many years together with the artist Rosemarie Rautenberg, their daughter Valeska Rautenberg [1979- ] has also been in several film and television productions. His sister Brigitte Thiele [1936-2006] also worked occasionally as an actress. Thiele appeared in one Euro-western the East German DEFA film "White Wolves" (1969) with Gojko Mitic.

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