Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy 55th Birthday Glynnis O'Connor

Glynnis O’Connor was born on October 19, 1956 in New York City. Her father is producer Daniel O’Connor and her mother is actress Lenka Peterson [1925- ], her brother Darren O’Connor is also an actor and SFX specialist. Glynnis is perhaps best-known for her work in the mid-1970s, including her lead actress roles in the TV version of "Our Town" and the films "Ode to Billy Joe" and "Jeremy", all of which co-starred Robby Benson.She also appeared in the 1976 tear-jerker, the John Travolta - Diana Hyland feature film, "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble". Glynnis appeared in only one Euro-western "Kid Vengeance" (1977) with Leif Garrett, Lee Van Cleef and Jim Brown. As of the late 1990s and continuing into 2004, she has had a recurring role as Anne Paulsen on TV’s "Law & Order". In 2007, she starred in the independent feature film "P.J." co-starring with John Heard, Vincent Pastore and Robert Picardo, and is also appearing in the film "Our Last Days As Children". Today we celebrate Glynnis O’Connor’s 55th birthday.