Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Indian Attack in Death Pass

Indianenoverval in de dodenpas - Dutch title
Joe Hammond en de Indianen - Dutch title
Joe Hammond and the Indians - English title
Indian Attack in Death Pass - English title

A 1967 Dutch production [Rex Filmproduktie, Standard Films (Amsterdam)]
Producer: Henk van der Linden
Director: Henk van der Linden
Story: Henk van der Linden
Screenplay: Henk van der Linden
Cinematography: Henk van der Linden [black & white]
Running time: 76 minutes

Jimmie - Jeu Consten
sheriff - Pim Peters (Antonius Peters)
Black Hawk - Jan Kruyk
Indian agent - Toon van Loon
Running Wolf - Frits van Wenkop
Indian Blake - Hub Consten
Indian - Guido Piovesena
with: Henk van der Linden

Children’s Indian adventures filmed in the hills of Limburg, The Netherlands.

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