Thursday, September 1, 2011

Who are Those Guys? - Gianfranco Barra

Gianfranco Barra was born on April 5, 1940 in Rome, Italy. After attending the Accademia Nazionale di Arte Drammatica Silvio D’Amico, Barra became one of the most recognized character actors in Italian cinema. His looks and voice have changed very little since he entered films in 1968's "Il medico della mutua". Usually seen in sex comedies, police and drama roles playing everything from Mafia members to police officers and priests. He’s appeared in such Italian films as "Detenuto in attesa di guidizio" (1970) and American films "What Happened Between My Father and Your Mother?" (1970) directed by Billy Wilder. He became a star in Italian ‘B’ films and in the 1990s turned to television when Italian film production fell off, appearing in such miniseries as "The Baron" (1995) and "Positano" (1996). More recently he has been seen in both RAI and Mediaset productions as well as commercials such as "Marshal of the Yellow Pages" and public service announcements. Barra appeared in only one Euro-western, "Jesse and Lester, Two Brothers in a Place Called Trinity" (1972) with Richard Harrison and Donal O’Brien.

BARRA, Gianfranco [4/5/1940, Rome, Lazio, Italy -     ] - stage, TV actor.
Jesse and Lester, Two Brothers in a Place Called Trinity - 1972

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