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Lo voglio morto - Italian title
Lo quiero muerto - Spanish title
Eu quero ele morto - Brazilian title
Procurado Vivo ou Morto - Brazilian title
Elävänä tai kuolleena - Finnish title
Clayton l’impacable - French title
Django - Ich will ihn tot - German title
Ton thelo pethameno - Greek title
Procurado Vivo ou Morto - Portuguese title
Eu quero ele morto - Portuguese title
I Want Him Dead - English title

A 1968 Italian, Spanish co-production [Inducine (Rome), Centauro Films (Madrid)]
Producer: Luccio Bompani
Director: Paolo Bianchi
Story: Carlos Sarabia
Screenplay: Carlos Sarabia
Cinematography: Ricardo Andreu [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Nico Fidenco (Dominic Colarossi)
Song: "Clayton" sung by Lida Lù
Running time: 86 minutes

Clayton - Craig Hill (Craigl Fowler)
Aloma - Lea Massari (Anna Massatani)
Jack Blood - José Manuel Martin (José Pérez)
Mallek - Andrea Bosic (Ignazio Bosic)
Marisol/Maria/Marisa - Licia Calderón
Mercedes - Cristina Businari
Harry Gunn - Andrea Scotti
Steve - Rick Boyd (Federico Boido)
Berger - Francisco Braña (Francisco Pérez)
sheriff - Remo De Angelis
Logan - José Terron (José Penaranda)
Duke Newton - José Canalejas
Allan - Renato Chiantoni
bartender - Francisco Nieto
Mac - José Riesgo (José Cortina)
Mallek henchman - Valentino Macchi
Confederate officer - Barta Barry (Bernabé Barri)

With the Civil War winding down, Clayton, a cowboy, goes to see an old friend to buy his farm. The transaction was to be settled in Southern currency, but with the Confederacy losing the war it is now worthless. Meanwhile, Clayton's sister, who is staying in a nearby hotel, is killed by two outlaws and, when Clayton returns to the hotel he finds her body in the hotel room. With no help from the local sheriff he goes in search of the killers. He traces them to a local ranch and there he finds two young women basically kept as slaves to serve a group of bandits. In helping the two women he finds out one has overheard a conversation that Mallek, the leader of the gang, is a supplier of arms to the Southern cause and all of his assets are invested in continuing the war. An unexpected meeting between two senior officers from the north and south, to negotiate peace, endangers the whole deal. Mallek then promises a reward of one hundred thousand dollars for his band if they disrupt the meeting. One of the women, Marisol, is killed, while the other Aloma, rides off with Clayton. Clayton manages to stop the disaster and, after killing the murderers of his sister, also discovers that Mallek and the rest of the gang have killed each other over the $100,000 reward. Clayton, along with the Aloma collect the money and return to buy the ranch.

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