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Vendo cara la pelle - Italian title
Vendo caro minha pele - Brazilian title
Ja vends cher ma peau - French title
Vendo cara la piel - Spanish title
Zum Abschied noch ein Totenhemd - German title
Thavo zontanous apo ekdikisi - Greek title
O filho de Shane - Portuguese title
Idamdan kacanlar - Turkish title
The Hangman’s Tree - English title
I’ll Sell My Skin Dearly - U.S.A. title

A 1967 Italian production [Cinemar (Rome)]
Producer: Carlo Valerio
Director: Mike Fitzgerald (Ettore Fizzarotti)
Story: Giovanni Simonelli
Screenplay: Giovanni Simonelli, Ettore Fizzarotti
Cinematography: Stelvio Massi [Eastmancolor]
Music: Enrico Ciacci, Marcello Marrocchi
Song: "Come se fosse gia’ autunno" sung by Nico & The Seagulls (Nico e i Gabbiani)
Running time: 100 minutes

Shane - Mike Marshall (Michael Marshall)
Father Dominique Magdalena - Grant Laramy (Germano Longo)
Georgiana Bennett - Michèle Girardon
Kristian Bennett - Valerio Bartoleschi
Ralph Magdalena - Dane Savours
Benson - Spean Convery (Spartaco Conversi)
Carl - Furio Meniconi
Charles - Paolo Magalotti
Pedro Gonzales - Serafino Profumo
Monco - Ake Wahl

Ralph Magdalena, his brother Dominique and two other men kill old John Shane along with his wife and daughter, in order to steal his mine. A few years later the young Shane, the only survivor returns to avenge his loved ones. He eliminates the two accomplices of the Magdalena brothers, with the help of Stumpy, a man who has his own problem with Ralph. Wounded in the leg, Shane heals with the help of the widow Georgiana Bennett and her son Kristian. Ralph Magdalena, who learns from Stumpy the return of Shane, tries to appeal to the young man by setting a trap and, to be able to strike without risking being shot, he uses Georgiana and Kristian as hostages. Shane, however, manages to kill all the Ralph’s henchmen and liberate Georgiana. Ralph carrying little Kristian, flees and goes to the convent in which lives his brother Dominique, who became a monk for the repentance of the crime he committed. Entrusting him with Kristian he promises to leave the area forever. Shane, however, catches Ralph and kills him. Dominique is shot by his brother and dies. Now Shane, Mrs. Bennett and Kristian will be able to form a new family together.

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