Friday, September 2, 2011

Hutch Stirs 'em Up

Hutch Stirs ‘em Up - U.K. title
Jag Har en Ide - Swedish title
Hutch Stirs 'em Up - English title

A 1923 British production [Ideal (London)]
Producer: ?
Director: Frank Hall Crane
Story: "The Hawk of Rede" by Harry Harding
Screenplay: Elior Stannard
Cinematography: ? [black & white]
Running time: ?

Hurricane Hutch - Charles Hutchison
Joan - Joan Barry (Ina Bell)
Tom Grey - Malcolm Tod
Sir Arthur Blackross - Gibson Gowland
Mrs. Grey - Sunday Wilshin (Sundae Horne-Wilshin)
Cruddas - Aubrey Fitzgerald
Mrs. Cruddas - Violet Forbes

Story: Hurricane Hutch plays a cowboy who crosses paths with a mad nobleman, Sir Arthur Blackross. Like all Hurricane Hutch films it’s filled with non-stop action including torture chambers, damsels in distress and other well known cliches of the genre.

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