Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm the Sheriff

I’m the Sheriff - International title

A 1998-2001 French production [Creation 3D, Patrick Zanoli (Paris)]
Producers: Jean-Pascal Vial, Languedoc-Roussilon
Director: Lydie Jean-dit-Pannel
Story: ‘Le monstre des Hawkilne" by Richard Brautigab
Screenplay: Lydie Jean-dit-Pannel
Cinematography: Jean-Luc Fauquier
Music: Roger Maddox, Joseph Guigui
Running time: 7 minutes

Sheriff - Jean Pierre de Tugny
Cameron - Max Benoit
Greer - Roger Maddox
Marie Oriental - Solene Derouard
hanged man Patrick Laffont
with: Majorettes D’Ales, Cavalier Voltigeurs de France

Greer and Cameron, two petty confident cowboys are chasing the sheriff in order to shoot him down for the hanging of their friend.

YouTube link: http://www.exquise.org/video.php?id=2117

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  1. No, I'm the sheriff. Haha. A little Spaghetti Western humor for ya, Tom Betts.