Friday, September 2, 2011

Guess Who I Am

I’m an Italian actor who appeared mainly in Sword and Sandal films. Guess who I am.

I acted under an Americanized pseudonym. Guess who I am.

Bill Connolly and Chris Casey correctly identified this weeks photo as that of Adriano Bellini (aka Kirk Morris).


  1. William Connolly writes, "Kirk Morris, born Adriano Bellini."

  2. Tom Betts said...

    Correct it is Adriano Bellini (aka Kirk Morris)

  3. True This is Adriano Bellini aka KIRK MORRIS the italian Steve eeves. He won APPOLO dItalia (similar to Mr Italia in bodybuilding...) any one has update info ? thanks for sharing

  4. He was the most handsome actor of the pelum stars

  5. That's Kirk Morris from "I'll Die For Vengeance". He was friends with Gordon Mitchell, Steve Reeves, and Lang Jeffries. It was said that during the filming of "I'll Die For Vengeance" in 1968 he didn't get along with Mitchell too well. It was probably because of the fact that Mitchell thought Morris was trying to tell him how to act. I, however, couldn't find anything that would prove that since it's probably not true. But I HAVE seen the film. Kirk's real name is Adriano Bellini and as far as I know he hasn't been active since 2001 at least.