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Tres hombres buenos - Spanish title
I tre implacabili - Italian title
Tre uomini buoni - Italian title
Trois cavaliers noirs - French title
Le solitaire et les 3 cavaliers - French title
Die drei unerbittlichen - German title
Oi 3 akatavlitoi - Greek title
Uc kabaday inin intikami - Turkish title
The Magnificent Three - U.K. title
The Implacable Three - U.S.A. title

A 1963 Spanish, Italian production [Copercines (Madrid), PEA (Rome)]
Producers: Eduardo Manzanos Brochero, Alberto Grimaldi
Director: J.L. Marchent (Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent)
Story: José Mallorquí (José Figuerola)
Screenplay: José Mallorquí (José Fuguerola), Mario Ciaino, Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent
Cinematography: Rafael Pacheco (Rafael de Usa) [Eastmancolor, Totalscope]
Music: Manuel Parada, Francesco De Masi
Song: "Alone" sung by ?
Running time: 86 minutes

Don César Guzmán - Geoffrey Horne (Michael Horne)
Kid McCoy - Robert Hundar (Claudio Undari)
Joao Silveira - Paul Piaget
Lupe - Turia Nelson
Ana - Rosa del Rio
Hopkins - Massimo Carocci
Diego Abriles - Ferando Sancho (Fernando Les)
Marisol/Lola - Cristina Gaioni (Maria Gaioni)
Hopkins’ henchman - Raf Baldassare (Raffaele Baldassarre)
Bannon - John MacDouglas (Giuseppe Addobbati)
Bannon henchman - Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell), Miguel de la Riva, Antonio Padilla, Pedro
Rodríguez de Quevedo, Emilio Rodríguez
Mayor Hopkins - Antonio Gradoli
undertaker - Jesús Guzmán
Sanders - Rufino Inglés
sheriff - Fernando Montes
prisoner - Juan Antonio Peral
Don Julio Benavente - Santiago Rivero
Ray Logan - Lorenzo Robledo
Cartero - Xan das Bolas
Marisol/Lola’s friend - Charo del Río
with: José Jaspe (José Rivas), Donatella Marrosu, Jesús Tordesillas (Jesús Fernandez), Simon Arriaga, Fernando Montes, Simón Arriaga, Gonzalo Esquiroz, Enrique Navarro, Emilio Berrio, Faustino Cornejo, José Farber, Donatella Marrosu, Francisco Montalvo, Antonio Sanabria

A rancher leaves his wife at their hacienda and rides off to herd his cattle. Seven gunslingers invade the house and are stealing him blind when his wife awakens and confronts them. The leader of the gang strangles her to death, but before she dies, she tears a stick pin off his lapel. When he finds his wife dead, Don César Guzmán sets out on the revenge trail and eventually picks up two like-minded individuals. After the mysterious killer strangled his wife, he blew up Guzmán's safe to steal his money. He blasted the safe because he knew the combination and one of his accomplices suggested that he blow the safe so that Don César would not know that the thief knew him. Don César rides into town and promptly finds himself in the middle of a gunfight in a saloon where he kills three of the gunslingers that struck at his hacienda.
A gunfighter, Joao Silveira, strings along with Don César and they ride the country for two years searching for the murderer. Eventually, they return to the hacienda and Don César finds that things have changed in town. The mayor is a conniving villain and wants Don César dead. The next big event is the arrival of a two-gun Mexican gunslinger, Diego Abriles. He aligns himself with Don César and his friend. The three eventually pin Mayor Hopkins to the murders as the ring leader of the gang. A final fiery gun battle takes place in the saloon and justice is served.

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