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Dans la poussière du soleil - French title
Westens varme vind - Danish title
Kuoleman kuuma tuuli - Finnish title
I polis ton katharmaton - Greek title
Il sole nella polvere - Italian title
Dödens heta vind - Swedish title
At kadin ve silah - Turkish title
Dust in the Sun - English title
In the Dust of the Sun - U.S.A. title

A 1971 French production [IMF Pictures, Kerfrance Production (Paris)]
Producer: J. Ch. Carlus
Director: Richard Balducci
Story: "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare
Screenplay: Richard Balducci, Félix Fernández
Cinematography: Tadasu G. Suzuki [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Francis Lai
Song: "Sur notre etoile" sung by Francis Lai
Running time: 80 minutes

Gertie Bradford - Maria Schell
Joe Bradford - Bob Cunningham (Robert Cunningham)
Hawk Bradford - Daniel Beretta
Maria Edwards - Karin Meier
The Great Goldoni - Pepe Calvo (José Salgado)
Madame Goldoni - Pilar Vela (Maria Llorente)
saloon owner - Perla Cristal (Perla Lijtik)
Swan - Lorenzo Robledo
Sheriff Edwards - Colin Drake
priest - Ángel Del Pozo (Ángel Merino)
Flops - Fernando Bilbao
Monky - André Thévenet
Crack - Jerome Jeffreys (Gerome Jeffrys)
Flynt - Jack Anton (Jacques Anton)
Ken - Manuel Otero (Manolo Otero)
banker - Santiago Ontañón (Santiago Fernandez)
country woman - Odile Astie
townsman - Amarilla (Florencio Amarilla)
with: Marisa Porcel (María Porcel), Henry Bydon (Henri Bidon), K. Quesada

In a, small, dusty western town called San Angelo, landowner Joe Bradford kills his brother and then marries his brother's widow, Gertie. Gertie's son, Hawk, who seems a bit autistic and a simple boy decides that something is not right and decides to correct the situation and takes action. Joe, in reality, wants his brothers ranch. It seems all the girls in town want to be Hawks girl, especially the sheriff’s daughter Maria. When Maria goes riding with Hawk and then decides to take a bath and show off her body to Hawk he wants nothing to do with her and takes her nude body back to town over his saddle. The sheriff is insulted and goes after Hawk who is pretty hand with a pistol and defends himself, killing the sheriff. Now Maria’s gunslinger brother arrives to try and even the score. Maria and Hawk fall in love which turns their two families against each other in a final showdown.

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