Thursday, September 22, 2011

Costner bails on "Django Unchained"

Due to "scheduling conflicts" Kevin Costner has had to pass on "Django Unchained. Costner was in talks to play a rare villainous role as Ace Woody, a sadistically brutal bastard who mercilessly oversees a gladiatorial operation that pits male slaves against one another for the entertainment of white landowners. Theses matches-to-the-death are but one component of Candyland, a plantation owned by Calvin Candie that also specializes in prostituting female slaves. Django, a recently liberated slave, arrives at Candyland in order to free his captive wife, Broomhilda, and exact a little violent revenge on Candie.

Jamie Foxx is all set to play the lead role of Django, while breakout Inglourious Basterds star Christoph Waltz will play the German dentist-turned-bounty hunter who equips Django with the necessary skills to take on those slave-owning sons of bitches. Leonardo DiCaprio is diving headfirst into the waters of despicable villainy as Candie, while Samuel L. Jackson will lend support of Candie's unfailingly loyal and deviously manipulative personal valet.

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  1. Franco Nero replaced Kevin Costner in the film as the overseer and the name of the character was changed to "Amerigo Vessepi". The character is also known as Django and how you can tell is when Franco asks Jamie Foxx's character in the movie, "What's your name"? to which Django replies, "Django". Franco then asks Django if he can spell it, then Django spells his name, telling him, "The D is silent". To which the original Django replies, "I know". This references the time when Nero played 1966's Django.