Saturday, September 17, 2011

Un sueno de pelicula

Un sueño de pelicula - Spanish title

A 2011 Spanish production [2 Plano (Almeria)]
Producer: Paco Barrilado (Francisco Barrilado)
Director: Paco Barrilado (Francisco Barrilado)
Story: Francisco Barrilado
Screenplay: Francisco Barrilado
Cinematography: David Aquirre [color]
Music: Curro Savoy
Running time: 30 minutes

Story: A young boy dreams of adventures in the Old West.

Nube Azul - Alejandro Sanchéz López Barrilado, Jr.
Mexican - Diego García (Diego Pascual)
stranger -  Fran Barry (Francisco Barrilado)
El Loco -  Francis García (Francisco García)
sheriff -  José Novo (José Novo Arellano)
Kevin - Rafael Aparicio (Rafael García)
with: Rafael Talaverón González, Diego Jiménez Flores

A short film about a young boy who dreams of adventures in the Old West.

"Paco Barrilado has been working very hard in recent months on the development of this film which he hopes helps his grandson make his first steps in film. The film premiers tonight at the Maestro Padilla Auditorium in Almeria, Spain at 10 p.m.."

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