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Se vuoi vivere... spara! - Italian title
Tire si tu veux vivre - French title
Andere beten - Django schießt - German title
Homens Perigosos - Portuguese title
The Outlaw Rider - U.K. title
If You Want to Live... Then Shoot! - English title

A 1967 Italian production [G.V. Film, Cinegar (Rome)]
Producer: Elsio Mancuso
Director: Willy S. Regan (Sergio Garrone)
Story: Franco Cobianchi
Screenplay: F. Cobianchi (Franco Cobianchi), Darturo M. Tejedor, S. Garrone (Sergio Garrone)
Cinematography: Sandro Mancori (Alessandro Mancori) [Eastmancolor, Techniscope]
Music: Vasco, Mancuso [Vasili Kujcharov, Elsio Mancuso]
Running time: 97 minutes

Johnny Dark/Dall/Django - Sean Todd (Ivan Djrassimovic)
Stark - Ken Wood (Giovanni Cianfriglia)
Sally McGowan/McGovern - Isabella Savona
Donovan - Rick Garrett (Riccardo Garrone)
Marlow - Tom Felleghy (Tamás Fellegi)
Paquita - Christel Penz (Cristina Penz)
Dick Logan - Renato Mambor
Papa McGowan/McGovern - Adriano Micantoni
Hans Mueller - Jim Clay (Aldo Cecconi)
Alvarez/Alvera - Peter White (Franco D’Este)
Tommy/Dick McGowan/McGovern - Franco Cecconi
Grandpa McGowan/McGovern - Franco Gulà (Francesco Gulà)
railway manager - Consalvo Dell’Arti
Alvarez/Alvera lookout - Fortunato Arena
bartender - Mimmo Poli (Domenico Poli)
merchant - John Bartha (János Barta)
Slim - Bruno Arié
Marlow henchman - Franco Ukmar
with: Enzo Consoli (Vincenzo Consoli), Valentino Macchi

Johnny Dark is a cowboy who drifts into a town where the sheriff is in league with a bounty hunter and a crooked saloon owner. At the saloon strangers are enticed into poker games where they are accused of cheating. The sheriff then throws them in jail and then allows to escape. A bounty is put on their heads and the bounty hunter goes after the now wanted criminal and splits the reward with the sheriff. Johnny falls for the trap buy manages to pull his gun and although injured he is able to flee. He takes refuge at the McGowan ranch and his wound is treated by Sally and the two fall in love. The McGowan ranch is in the way of the railroad and when Mr. McGowan refuses to sell a gang of Mexicans attack, killing everyone but Sally who manages to escape. Johnny returns to seek revenge against the gang and their leader for the massacre of the McGowans.

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