Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy 85th Birthday Carla Calo

Carla Calò was born on September 21, 1926 in Palermo, Italy After appearing on stage for several years she made her film debut in 1949's "Il falco rosso". She then became a member of actor Toto’s stock company appearing in many of his films. Since then she has devoted her career to films. Most of her films were ‘B’ entries where she sometimes had the lead role. Carla has made appearances in over 100 films and on television. She appeared in six Euro-westerns sometimes using the alias Carol Brown and Carrol Brown from "Zorro in the Court of Spain" (1962) to "A Taste of Vengeance" (1969). She’s probably best remembered by Spaghetti western fans for her role as Rhonda Liston the mother of the Anthony Steffen and Gianni Garko characters in "Blood at Sundown" (1966). Carla’s last documented appearance was in an Italian/Polish TV co-production of "Inferno Below" (2003). Today we celebrate Carla Calò’s 85th birthday.

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