Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Remembering Renato Chiatoni

Renato Chiantoni was born on April 19, 1906 in Brescia, Lombardy, Italy. The son of actor Amadeo Chiantoni [1871-1965] and nephew of actress Giannina Chiantoni [1881-192], he made his screen debut in 1937's "Gatta ci cova" directed by Gennaro Righelli. Sometimes credited as Gay Gallwey and Renato Chantori during his career as a character actor he appeared in over 100 films, mostly light drama and comedy. Chiantoni appeared in nine Euro-westerns from "A Stranger in Sacramento" (1965) to "I Want Him Dead" (1968). Among them were "The Man from Nowhere" (1966), "Bang Bang Kid" (1967) and "30 Winchesters for El Diablo". He also became a production manager and made several appearances on Italian TV. Renato died on December 12, 1979 in Rome. Today we remember Renato Chiantoni on what would have been his 105th birthday.

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