Friday, April 22, 2011

Guess Who I Am

I’m an Italian actor born in Rome in 1927. Guess who I am.

I appeared in 24 Euro-westerns. Guess who I am.

I usually played the role of Mexican bandits. Guess who I am.

Adrian correctly guessed this weeks photo as that of Remo Capitani.


  1. Remo Capitani. I thought it was him, and when I clicked on the jpeg, it was confirmed.
    He looks much slimmer than in the movies I remember.

  2. Yeah, it is easy to guess correctly when the name of the photo file is the right answer! ;o)

  3. Yes it's Remo Capitani. When I right click on the photo I'm not shown his name so I don't always know when it is hidden in the photo.

  4. Remo Capitani "Mezcal" in They call me Trinity