Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Girls of the Golden Saloon

Les filles du golden saloon - French title
Les orgies du golden saloon - French title
La ragazza del Golden Saloon - Italian title
As Femeas do Golden Saloon - Brazilian title
Ta koritsia tou hry sou saloon - Greek title
Las chicas del golden saloon - Spanish title
The Golden Saloon of Sex - English title
The Girls of the Golden Saloon - English title

A 1973 French, Belgium, Italian co-production [Eurocine (Paris), Brux International Pictures
(Brussels), C.R.C. (Rome)]
Producer: Marius Lesoeur, Pierre Quérut
Director: William Russel (Gilbert Roussel)
Story: H.B. de Boitsellier (Henri Bral de Boitsellier), H. L. Rastaine (Hubert L. Rastaine)
Screenplay: H.B. de Boitsellier (Henri Bral de Boitsellier), H. L. Rastaine (Hubert L. Rastaine)
Cinematography: Raymond Heil, Johan J. Vincent (Joan Vincent) [Technicolor, widescreen]
Music: Daniel J. White
Running time: 81 minutes

Lenya/Molly - Sandra Julien (Sandra Calaputti)
Daisy - Evelyn Scott (Evelyne Deher)
Heplabelle - Alice Arno (Marie-France Brouquet)
Richard le Noir/Black - Allan Spencer
Sabata/Zorro - Roy Darton (Roger Darton)
Foufoune - France Nicolas
Lassiter - Yul Sanders (Claude Boisson)
Sambremeuse - Gilliam Pascuale (Gillian Gill)
Ringo - Michel Charrel
stage driver - Pierre Taylou (Joseph Jehoulet)
Sabata’s/Zorro’s henchman - Johnny Wessler
Sabine - Gilda York (Gilda Arancio)
Pailledavoine - Claude Bregeon
piano player - Daniel White
client - Claude Sendron
with: Myriam Saert, Catherine Laurent, Jill Velmar, Antoine Fontaine, Chantel Broquet, Claude Janna, The Blue Bell Girls

It’s 1850 and to the regret of some of its citizens, the state of California is a now a part of the United States. The small town of Harriba Lannan is headed by a new governor, a man without scruples, surrounded by a group of ruthless men who kidnap girls and put them in a local brothel, the Golden Saloon. At this point, Richard Black intervenes. His daughter, Molly tells him that one day while walking in the countryside, she was brutally attacked and taken off with other girls, the Golden Saloon. Richard and his group of volunteers dress up as a woman and all are kidnapped to be taken to the Golden Saloon. Arriving there, Richard frees the girls. During a celebration feast, girls show their gratitude to Richard the only way they know how.


  1. Interesting you mention the runtime is 81min.

    my french pre-record runs for 70min.
    the spanish prerecord runs for 70min aswell, but has a different cut as the french prerecord.

    than I also have a spanish tv record, that has much better picture quality as both tapes + it runs 8min longer, more nudity and a few scene's are filmed from a different angle in compare with the scene's from the video releases. also it looks liek their could be a hard-core version of the movie...... some of the sex scenes are filmed from stranges angles, or the camera sweeps away when you allmost see "something"
    also the spanish tv broadcast has an english titles ....... what gives hope that their is also an english version of the movie.......

    If your version 81min, than from what source do you have it? pre record or tv? from what country?

  2. IMDB states 81 minutes. I always go for the longest printed running time. I'm aware that various releases have different running times as this goes for almost every film. The 81 minutes could be the FILM running time and not the video or DVD running times.

  3. I don't know if this is the kind of Western I would be watching, Tom. LOL.