Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy 55th Birthday Miguel Bosé

Luis Miguel González Borloni was born on April 3, 1956 in Panama City, Panama. He is the son of Italian actress Lucia Bosé and legendary bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín his sister is actress and model Lucia Bosé Dominguín. In 1971 Miguel started a career as an actor but after a few years decided on a career change and decided to pursue a singing career. After he recorded and released a few singles he signed a contract with CBS Records in 1977 and remained with them until 1984. In 1985 he recorded ‘Amante bandido’ which reached the top of the charts in Latin America and Spain. He became an international singing star and with the ability to sing in Spanish and Italian his career has continued for some time. Again he reached the top in 1994 by winning the Festivalbar at the Sanremo Musical Festival for the third time. His career has spanned over 20 albums and 35 film roles, his own TV show and even a as a theater director. In 2007 to mark his 30 years as a singer he released ‘Papito’ which contains remakes of his previous songs along with duets with many famous singers. Among the songs was ‘Como un lobo’ which featured his niece Bimba Bosé. It won a Latin Grammy Award for best song. He became a citizen of Columbia on March 16, 2010. Miguel appeared in only one Euro-western “California” (1977) as Willy Preston and starring Giuliana Gemma. Today we celebrate Miguel Bosé’s 55th birthday.

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